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    About iShopAway

    iShopAway connects you to personal shoppers around the world to discover new people, places and products. Every vacation we find ourselves in an outdoor market or ten. Whether hunting bargains or discovering culture, shopping international markets is one of the most exhilarating sensory overloads. Then we said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if..” immediately followed by “Think about the number of people we would be helping!”

    What is Immersive Commerce? What is Retail 3.0?


    Let’s start with a basic belief. As humans, we typically buy on Price, Product and Personality and not necessarily in that order. Retail 1.0 is commerce since the beginning of time where buyer and seller let our human senses guide our buying decisions. E-commerce or Retail 2.0 brought us a world where price almost always mattered first.

    The evolution of e-commerce looked like Retail 3.0, replacing price-drive buying decisions with expert-affirmed product knowledge. Whether access, like Amazon Prime, expert reviews from Yelp or deep product knowledge from thousands of webpages on Google,our buying decisions are shifting away from price to product..

    Immersive commerce or Retail 3.0 will reintroduce live people to most buying decisions and I don’t mean salespeople. People will be the center of your buying experience replacing salespeople like Uber is replacing “cabbies”. You will experience every product in real time with expert product knowledge waiting for your beckon. The person guiding your immersed experience is bargain hunting for you.

    Relationships will be born Image having a best friend to go shopping with you every time that knows almost everything about every product in that market.


    How to use iShopAway?

    Dowload the app from appstore. Choose a Market > Connect with a Personal Shopper > Interact Live and Make Purchases > What You Found Shipped to Your Door

    Does my personal shopper get my credit card information?

    NEVER! iShopAway handles 100% of your payments and pays your personal shopper for your purchases and shipping..

    Why is there a $200 spending limit?

    Security and safety are top concerns at iShopAway and $200 is the most we’re willing to lose refunding you if anything unexpected were to happen.

    How long will my order take to arrive?

    Typically all orders arrive between 7-10 days. Some items arrive in a couple of days and some get caught going through additional security or behind holiday rush hour traffic. We will update you by email every time your tracking status changes. Always remember with international shipping, “Good things come to those that wait.”

    How do I file a compliment or complaint?

    Rating your experience on iShopAway helps other users instantly assess their personal shopper. If your experience deserves more attention, email helpme@ishopaway.com with your comments. We take

    What if my package never arrives?

    Simply contact us by email at helpme@ishopaway.com and we’ll track your package. If your package didn’t arrive or isn’t going to arrive, we will credit you a full refund.

    I received my order and it doesn’t fit, it broken or just isn’t what I purchased.

    Email us at helpme@ishopaway.com and we’ll email you a prepaid shipping label. Package and mail us the item you want to return and we’ll refund the full price as soon as package arrives (typically 24-48 hours). Remember, you will only receive a full return on new items purchased in the last 30 days that are not on our prohibited list.

    How do I track my refund?

    We do all the work for you. You will receive an email update when you refund status changes (i.e. return tracking, approved, credit issued).

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